This man knows how to pick a fight.

Keith Olbermann Takes On The 12th Richest Man In The World

If you watch this, you will probably learn something but with that, you will also see why Keith Olbermann is often held up for ridicule.  That is the way people are treated when they won’t give in.  If a person is willing to stand up to power, whether right or wrong, that person is attacked in order to discredit the claims made.  It’s an effective strategy because many who tilt at windmills are outside the mainstream for good reason – they are irrational – and it’s damaging to conjure up those reminders when tearing down an opponent.  But Olbermann has bone fide.  He’s a smart guy with a record to prove it.  He’s an excellent orator.  He might not be someone you agree with but he’s worth a listen.  You can decide for yourself but next time someone judges him or someone else that you know who has a record of success in any field, investigate before you accept the claim.