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I’m Rick Fletcher – actually, T. Rick Fletcher in my professional exploits.  I am on the faculty at University of Idaho, where I teach and do research in the Department of Chemistry.  I am also active in the UI research initiative in STEM education, so I have some collaborations with the Department of Education, too.  I take an active role in statewide K-12 education, where I have helped write the Idaho state Standards in K-12 science in general and chemistry in particular.  I also work with the state to write the Teacher Preparation standards for science and serve on their accreditation team.  You can learn about my professional life here.

I also like fast rivers.  You might find me in a fast river holding a flyrod – but really, it’s more about the river than catching fish.  I’m an advocate for living in the state of Idaho – it’s a beautiful place.  But with such an unspoiled environment comes challenges; personal and political.  We are a rural state so it’s possible to have an impact on the way things are done.  This blog will mostly deal with those three interests; education, science and practical politics.  They are more connected than one might guess.


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